Cross-compiling openSUSE build service projects

I recently needed to debug one of my OBS projects that was failing on the ARM architecture. Unfortunately, my only ARM computer (a Raspberry Pi) was of a too-old architecture to run the OBS toolset directly – the Raspberry was armv6l, and I needed armv7l.

After poking around a lot to figure out how to run OBS as a cross compiler, I eventually had success. These are my notes, which refer to doing this on an OpenSUSE Tumbleweed system on a 64 bit Intel CPU.

1. Install the emulator

zypper install qemu
zypper install build-initvm-x86-64

2. Enable binfmt support for ARM (allows the running of ARM executable on x86_64 CPUs)

cat >/etc/binfmt.d/arm.conf <<EOF

3. restart the binfmt service

systemctl restart systemd-binfmt

4. run osc build using:

osc build --alternative-project=openSUSE:Factory:ARM standard armv7l ecolab.spec

This will fail, because it can’t run the ARM executables.

5. copy the qemu-arm-binfmt executable into the build root

cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-binfmt /var/tmp/build-root/standard-armv7l/usr/bin

6. rerun the osc build command above. It will complain that the build root is corrupt. Do not clean the build root, but just type continue.

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