“Error: you did not specify -i=mi on GDB’s command line!” (SOLVED)

In a recent update to gdb, emacs gdb mode stopped working. Trawling through the digital dust, the above message appeared to be the most relevant. Googling didn’t really turn up much, not even a StackOverflow question, which is why I’m writing this blog post.

The problem turns out to some additional stuff gdb is spewing out that the emacs gdb mode is not expecting. In this case, typing “gdb -i=mi” on the command line gave more clues. It was fingering a python syntax warning error:

zen>gdb -i=mi gui-tk/minsky
/usr/share/gdb/python/gdb/command/prompt.py:48: SyntaxWarning: "is not" with a literal. Did you mean "!="?
if self.value is not '':

In this case, python is complaining about comparing a variable literally with a literal, which is probably invalid as these simple types get assigned by value.
The cure was to replace the “is not” with a “!=” as suggested by the warning message. Now emacs gdb mode works.

Until next time gdb is updated. Or maybe not, hopefully this problem gets fixed upstream.

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