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Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 13:46:52 -0700
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Thu May  9 08:15:04 2013
From: Elliot Temple <curi@curi.us>
To: BoI <beginning-of-infinity@googlegroups.com>,
TCS <taking-children-seriously@googlegroups.com>,
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Subject: [BoI] New Discussion Group: Fallible Ideas

I decided to consolidate my public email lists into one general purpose philosophy list:

http:/Guidelines (suggestions welcome):


Please join the new list and have interesting discussions there!

I won't do anything to existing lists. They will still exist. Use them how you want. But my preference and intent is to have most new discussions on the Fallible Ideas list. I hope people will join me there.

I think it's confusing to people to use a list named after a particular book as a general purpose discussion place, especially after the author turned his back+on the community. And it's also confusing/burdensome to have to join a bunch of
+different lists to not miss discussion.

I also think that cross posting emails is confusing for people.

I intend the new list will be more future proof. One list with a generic name to last indefinitely.

By the way, I don't own Rational Politics List. But I spoke with the owner who approves of this plan.

Also, if anyone would make this announcement on the Fabric of Reality list for me, that'd be good. Sarah took over that list from Alan without consent and banned me and destroyed most of the discussion that used to happen there (much like she destroyed her version of the TCS list). But some of the people still subscribed there might be interested.

An advantage of yahoo groups over google groups is that you can write posts on the website with correct quoting. I believe it even works right by default. You can also have a welcome message sent to new subscribers, and some other good features.

-- Elliot Temple