Alan Forrester’s notice

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 00:13:13 +0100 (BST)
From  Thu Aug 25 09:16:49 2011
From: Alan Forrester <>
To: Russell Standish <>
Subject: Banned


I have received a complaint from Elliot that in your latest message you have quoted private offlist correspondence with him. Quoting private correspondence in a public forum without seeking the consent of the people involved is a very
serious violation of privacy. Would you be happy if absolutely anything you had written to anybody in private might be dragged out in public?

In any case you are now banned from the FoR List because I don’t want to be party to any further violations of privacy you choose to commit. No do I have any inclincation to chase up every post where you quote somebody else to check whether you are committing such violations.

Alan Forrester
Fabric of Reality List Moderating Team

One Response to Alan Forrester’s notice

  1. While asking before you post excerpts from a private exchange (even if relevant and containing nothing that has not already been said in public) is considered only good manners and best practices (and maybe you did and he was making up the ‘complaint’), this is definitely not about that since there was no warning or attempt to be reasonable about the affair. Particularly the second-to-last paragraph exudes smugness :/

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