Banned from Fabric of Reality list

On Thursday 25th of August, I was banned from posting to the FoR discussion list by the moderator Alan Forrester, on the basis of flouting a newly made up posting rule, without warning, or it appears, even reply.

Many people have written to me privately in support, or posted public expressions of support the the FoR list. Thank you for your kind words.

At the request of a number of people, I have now established an alternative discussion list free from the tyranny of arbitrary censorship.

Alan Forrester’s Notice
My response to Alan Forrester
The posting that caused the ban

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4 Responses to Banned from Fabric of Reality list

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Hi Russell.

    I myself have previously experienced problems with the FOR list. Just like yourself I left the group for a while, due to the over-bearing strict rules. There appeared to be a lack of consistency with these, in terms of who was disciplined and who wasn’t and possibly still is from certain posts I see there from time to time.

    I only rejoined FOR recently and did so mainly to discuss the issues relating to the “Quantum Theory of Immortality.” I had previoulsy done so with yourself and have greatly enjoyed your book ‘A theory of Nothing.’ It was actually whilst I was discussing this topic (QTI) on FOR that I originally got disillusioned with them and left for a number of years.

    I am very busy presently, but will very much enjoy discussing the above with yourself and others when I have the time. So yes I shall definitely join here and well done for setting up this alternative. Hopefully (and most likely) it should make for a more productive group than FOR, due to a more reasoned approach.



  2. Mark Smith says:

    P.S. Yes I shall be sure to tell many about this group. I know some whom will almost certainly join here. I feel able to make the recommendation, for the same reasons I made in my last post. Thus I would not automatically feel the same with regards to ‘FOR!’

    Mark S.

  3. Hi Russell

    I too have had altercations with the FOR list, sadly, where it seems it’s OK to be rude and trollish, but not to break some petty rule. I eventually gave up posting there, even though I’ve never been banned (as far as I know) it just didn’t seem worth it.

    I’d also like to say that I enjoyed your book, which I’ve read a couple of times. (It doesn’t seem to have been very well proofed, by the way, though obviously that isn’t your fault! I mention this because my wife is an editor, should you ever need one 🙂

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